A new kind of global charity.

Our vision.

To advance humanity and impact the world for good.

Our mission.

To transform lives, communities and organizations, to create lasting social change, to provide innovative solutions to the world's most difficult problems, and to radically change the way people and organizations collaborate and work together to advance humanity and planet.   

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Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Passionate people

change lives.

We believe people are the driving force behind social innovation, transforming lives, solving big problems and creating a better world.

We believe that when motivated people get together, aligned with a common challenge...that extraordinary progress can be made. This has been the standard across humanity for thousands of years. 

Humanity We looks for extraordinary people and partners with go-getter perspectives and habits, and a genuine desire to make a difference in the world. Along the way we find they often discover themselves and find their true purpose. 

We especially love curious minds, and those extraordinary people who find happiness and peace in serving others. They are truly inspiring. 


We are better together.

We believe that we are better together, than working independently. 


The best organizations build cultures where people and ideas can thrive together, creating best outcomes, creating increased efficiencies, and the the ability to focus different minds and talents on the same problem with mutual support.

We are attacking the worlds biggest problem (#endpoverty2030), working with the worlds best people, and organizations as a great partner, to accomplish more than individuals can do alone.

We work well with others. Come join us. 

Advancing humanity.

One planet. One humanity.

Our common goal is transformation for people, families, communities, organizations and planet.


We believe that if we provide the resources and knowledge needed, people will be enabled to lift themselves up from the daily overwhelming challenges they face, including poverty. There are many new options in today's world, and we see the ability for those struggling, to live better lives. 

Everything we do centers around advancing humanity, creating personal and organizational transformation through ideas, innovations, people, knowledge, systems, technologies and world class execution. 

We envisage a world where the opportunities and abilities for advancement are a reality, and seemingly overwhelming challenges are surmountable - to create better lives. 

A culture of extraordinary.

Great organizations are built on the platforms of a great culture. 

We accept that to work with the best people and partners, and to accomplish our considerable goals, within different cultures, time zones, languages, geopolitics, and overwhelming challenges, we must build a world class culture where people, ideas and execution can thrive. 

Photo by Michael Dam on Unsplash

Data, technologies, artificial intelligence

& machine learning.

We live in the age of knowledge and technologies advancing humanity. 


We believe in science, and the advantages of quantifiable data, analytics and verified knowledge. Technologies, big data, artificial intelligence, analytics, science, experts, educated, and enlightened people of all genders, races, ages, cultures and specialties are our valued friends and advantages.

We are all

created equal.

As humans we are all connected. 

We believe every human being is created equal, that the human spirit can achieve extraordinary things, and that it is the innate responsibility of all humanity to help those less fortunate to live their best life on earth and advance humanity as a whole.

'We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. - The second paragraph of the United States Declaration of Independence


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Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

World class

systems & processes.

A key element of successful execution and effective partnerships is replicable systems and processes to better enable success.

Across multiple time zones, countries, languages, cultures, nascent technologies and challenging communications, the establishment and ongoing enhancement of effective project management, systems and processes is critically important to our ability to achieve our goals building quality and strong partnerships.

Computer and mobile access to digital technologies, project management software, technology stacks, dashboard analytics, quantum analysis and business intelligence, machine learning, cloud-based access to data and information, all enable ongoing team collaboration, improved organization, and faster decision-making, enable our people to better manage information and improve the quality and execution of daily business processes. 

Service to others.

We serve the poorest people on the planet.


We also serve our generous donors, and we serve our partners and organizations we work with.


Serving others is a privilege. 

It's not enough to have lived. True accomplishment is to live for something bigger than ourselves.

The power of hope.

As an organization, we deliver hope to millions. We see it in their faces and their renewed energy. We see hope in people for the first time in their lives. 

Delivering hope is an important obligation, and a true joy.


For generations, the people we serve have had no hope of living a better life. Their communities and governments often are unable to deliver basic infrastructure, there are no financial resources, work is scarce, small things such as drinking water can become life-threatening illnesses, and the future dreams of children and adults are virtually impossible, keeping their dreams small.


Poverty keeps 1.2 billion people living without daily hope of any change or assistance. 

We have always held to the hope, the belief, the conviction that there is a better life, a better world, beyond the horizon. Franklin D. Roosevelt

Personal transformation. 

The people we work with, the individuals, the families, the small communities, the organizations, our staff, our donors, our volunteers, our partners, and many others, often discover themselves and find their true life purpose.

Leadership, joy, purpose & passion.

Transformation is our central tenet.

Come join us. 



We are a non-judgmental organization. We believe ALL people deserve to live in dignity and opportunity to advance themselves, their families and their communities.


We encourage belief in a higher power, are committed to demonstrating love and grace, and welcome all faiths to work together without discrimination, biases or stigmas, to do great work, and to lift up humanity's poor and disenfranchised.


We know we do not have all the answers, so do not judge or discriminate against any person or faith, or lack thereof, but acknowledge we are each searching for significance and meaning, have more in common as humanity than we are different, and are all on our own unique journey of understanding.

Bold ideas

& relentless innovation.

We believe bold ideas and relentless innovation are the engine of advancement and progress for humanity and for communities. 

Constant innovation is a mindset and a pillar of an organization's culture. Innovation is not easy, but it is necessary for advancement. 

We believe that thinking outside the box has considerable merits, that there are no bad ideas, and that all progress starts with human thinking about new ideas, execution, experimentation, then ongoing continuous improvement.

Photo by Xan Griffin on Unsplash

Connection through  storytelling.

Storytelling connects an audience to to a brand or an idea at an emotional level.


The best organizations tell stories in an engaging and highly relevant way, using emotion and empathy to communicate real stories of people and situations that their audience can enthusiastically mentally engage with.


Humanity We is committed to actively engaging in storytelling best practices, consistent with the world's best, across multiple media channels. We will spend the effort, time, energy and resources to tell real stories about the places we work in as a differentiator. We are also committed to work with our partners to help tell the stories in video, imagery, narrative and words, in an advanced capability through the extraordinary skill of our amazing people as experienced story tellers.  

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An entrepreneurial mindset.

We are a new kind of global non-profit, with the DNA of a social enterprise, operating around the principles and best practices of an entrepreneurial organization.  


Our purpose is transformation, to teach and empower individuals to start small enterprises, to make a real difference through everyday actions, to bring knowledge and resources to the people we serve - to provide a hand up, not a hand out. 

We are built consistent with the world's most  entrepreneurial enterprises to create social impact, pushing boundaries, thinking creatively to overcome complex challenges, operating decisively and accepting responsibility for our outcomes. We strive constantly to improve our skills and capabilities, to push constant innovation, learn from our mistakes, and to take continuous action on new ideas.

Creativity & imagination.

Creativity inspires, and the opportunity to be creative is one of life's most valuable gifts. We encourage creativity at all levels of our operations, and love to work with creative thinkers and partners. 

Our culture and perspectives are built around creative innovation. We focus on maintaining a high level of innovation that involves creativity and a mindset that challenges typical conventions and standards.

Creativity can apply in all realms of humanity, to the obvious arts, music and humanities, but also to creative thinking and problem solving to create new strategies and ideas, to building spreadsheets and project management, to solving all manner of problems in organizations, communities and families we serve.  

We are all leaders.

We believe that everyone has the capacity to be a leader, and that leadership is the driving force behind human advancement.


Leadership is not a title, a right or a role, it is a mindset. We earn leadership.


We ​empower people at all levels and all ages to take an active role in leading themselves, their peers, their families and communities, and their organizations to success.


Within Humanity We, regardless of role, people are encouraged to make best decisions in the interests of supporting our core values and achieving our vision and goals.


Humanity We strives to operate as a responsible organization.


As a charity working in some of the poorest, most vulnerable communities on earth, we see the impacts of climate change, financial disparity, pollution, and poverty. 


We are not a perfect organization, but try to do our best every day to consider sustainable practices, natural resources, social responsibilities, efficiencies, transparency and environmental impact, and to act on them. 

We believe that if we’re to keep earth livable in the future, we must all change our ways. Over thousands of years, humans have proven to be innovative and adaptive survivors, ingenious and clever with a compassion for life and a moral capacity for advancement. Our mission is to more fully engage our people, know-how and resources make social and economic life more socially just, environmentally responsible, and less destructive to nature and the places that sustain us.



We believe love is the basis for a thriving humanity, and that we are better off by demonstrating and living the principles of love within our family, personal, work and organizational relationships.













Helping those in need.

These are the elements of love and the basis for our purpose. 

Photo by Xan Griffin on Unsplash