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moon·shot /ˈmo͞onˌSHät/

A term used to describe a monumental effort and a lofty goal to solve a seemingly impossible challenge, an ambitious idea and venture which is intended to show significant results. 

— in other words, a "giant leap forward."

We are a Moonshot.

Humanity We (and The RISE Project) is a radical, crazy big, new idea to eliminate extreme poverty in the world,

for small rural communities.


We commit to each community for 10 years, and address not just one, but “ALL” 14 of the major elements that contribute to poverty. 


We define the innovations, manage each community project,work alongside the best regional-specialist NGO's,  raise the capital, deliver a complete 14-part solution to each community’s biggest problems, and coordinate, manage and deliver a new generation of technologies, best practices, infrastructure, new knowledge and leadership - to solve the world’s hardest problems.

Humanity We Moonshot 2.jpg

“If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.“

Albert Einstein 

Humanity We Girl in Poverty_p.jpg
Humanity We Poverty Girl 2.jpg

A radical new vision to address global poverty

We believe it will take radical re-thinking about how to move the world's poorest people forward out of a life of extreme poverty.

We have a new idea.

Millions of people are falling further and further behind, and have no ability to create a better future.


Our vision is to provide the 14 key elements through The RISE Project to move whole communities out of poverty, to give them a real chance of new hope, creating a sustainable economy and opportunities for all.

A bold idea with a global impact for millions.

There are 1.3 billion people in the world who live in multidimensional, generational poverty

every day. 

Our bold idea is to commit to provide solutions to all 14 elements that create and sustain poverty in a community. 


This has the capability to help millions of people escape poverty, live with new hope, to find newfound dignity and real-world opportunities to participate in the global community. 

Humanity We Moonshot Earth 2.jpg
Humanity We Innovation 3.jpg

Innovation at scale

Humanity We and The RISE Project are centered on innovating new ideas and solutions for poor communities at a scale not typically seen in the world of non-profits or NGOs.

We are constantly looking at new ideas, best practices, AI, technologies, internet capabilities, software, apps, design, and other innovations as the core of delivering better solutions. We believe this will build household income and create sustainable local economies, modern community infrastructure, and better healthcare, homes, education, food production, water treatment, energy, cloud-based data analytics, and many other modernizations to give best results while lowering costs of implementation.

People power.

Nothing great is built alone.

In the end, it all comes down to extraordinary people.


It takes a significant number of dedicated, tireless people who see the vision, working in coherent teams to effectively implement The RISE project and achieve each community's goals over 10 years. 

  • Selfless donors and financial benefactors

  • Community leaders

  • Local, regional and national Goverment leaders

  • World-class specialist NGO's

  • Corporations, Ambassadors, Schools and Organizations

  • The extraordinary, dedicated operations and storytelling professionals of Humanity We in the USA and regional on-the-ground teams around the world.

Humanity We People Power.jpg

Human achievements they said couldn't be done. 

Humanity We Flight.jpg


Humanity We Electricity.jpg


Humanity We Moon Landing.jpg

Moon Landing.

Humanity We Panama Canal.jpg

Panama Canal.

Humanity We SUb 4 Minute Mile.jpg

Sub-4 Minute Mile

Humanity We Artificial Intelligence.jpg

Artificial Intelligence.

Humanity We Mapping Human Genome.jpg

Mapping Human Genome

Humanity We Vaccines.jpg


Humanity We 3d Printing.jpg

3D Printing

Humanity We Nanotechnology.jpg


Humanity We Freediving Record.png

World Freediving Record 702 feet.

Humanity We Open Heart SUrgery.jpg

Open Heart Surgery.

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