A new kind of global charity.

Our vision.

To advance humanity and impact the world for good.

Our mission.

To transform lives, communities and organizations, to create lasting social change, to provide innovative solutions to the world's most difficult problems, and to radically change the way people and organizations collaborate and work together to advance humanity and planet.   


Innovation, technologies + data.

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

People are extraordinary.

We believe

Helping others find their true purpose.

Curious minds.


We are better together.

We believe

Advancing humanity.

One planet. One world. One humanity.

The power of connection

We are all humanity.

So why should we care about the lives of others around the world? 

Most of us who live in the westernized world, live a life of unparalleled wealth. Those of us with coins or change in our pockets, have more money than 50% (3.7 billion) of the world's population who struggle with their families every day, just to survive.


The world has become global for the first time in mankind's history. What affects some of us, now impacts all of us. Climate change, the world economy, global innovation, technologies and the internet, news and information, global illnesses and viruses, refugees, global trade, tourism and travel, sports, recreation, clothing, government policies and laws, manufacturing, global businesses and global workforces, education and universities, entertainment, music and movies, food, culture, and many other daily life elements now have global impact.


Humankind and the brightest minds have always contributed to the betterment of all. Advances the entire world now consider norms, often come from one talented individual or small groups, like electricity, vaccines, wealth creation, smart phones, transportation, energies, ideas, and thousands more.


Poverty means wasted lives—lives of people who are not able to live their best life and grow to their full potential, prosper, give back and contribute to the world at large.  

The poor represent far more than a group that deserves our sympathy and charity. Helping the poor escape from poverty will also help raise the incomes of the rest of the world.

Those of us who feel compassion and empathy to help others understand that it is a human trait to help others who need a hand up. Compassionate people have a unique mindset, are the best of us all, and the true representation of who our creator envisioned each of us to be. 

Join us to change the world, change the trajectory. Your contribution, in whatever form, will bring goodness to the world, You will selflessly invest in the future and wellbeing of others, and you will be the change in families and communities in far away places, who really need your help.


Working with an organization like Humanity We, you will likely gain self esteem and confidence, but the greatest benefit will be your contribution to those who need your help, and who knows, along the journey you may just discover yourself.