A new kind of global charity.

Humanity We is different

to most other charitable organizations.

Our purpose is transformation to advance humanity.


We are a charity with the DNA of a social enterprise, an entrepreneurial perspective, a key expertise in collaboration, a passion for storytelling, a want to solve big problems, and a close relationship with science, innovation and data.


We help individuals, families, villages, charities, and other organizations create better lives, faster success, and best capabilities to achieve their goals.


Social innovation and humanitarian design:

Innovation starts with people. We embrace design thinking, a human-centered focus on ideating, designing and developing better practical solutions for advancing humans and the world we all live in.


Innovation and ideas are at our core, and have always been the drivers of progress for mankind.


We are a data-driven organization, leveraging the amazing ever-advancing technologies available to help people live better where they live and work.

We believe in helping people get the vision, insights, knowledge and capabilities to help themselves:

We are a hand-up organization, not a hand-out. We believe people want to help themselves, to maintain dignity and to enable advancement of themselves and their families for future generations. 


The world continues to become the haves and the have nots, and the quality of life for developing countries and communities, is falling further behind that of the advanced nations. In today's world full of resources and knowledge - this is an injustice.



We believe in the dignity of self-purpose and the ability to work:

As an organization, unlike most charities, we are highly entrepreneurial in our approach, and keenly focused on creating small businesses which power 70% of the world economies through social entrepreneurship.


The RISE Project has the creation of tens of thousands of small businesses in many countries and small communities over the next 10 years, as a key initiative. 


We believe people are extraordinary,

...and that given the right environments, knowledge, clarity of vision, and tools, will achieve astonishing success in any area they want.


We believe every organization, including Humanity We, starts with inspired people with the brightest minds, and a culture that connects people's daily work to a broader social purpose, human advancement and positive world change.



We believe in SCIENCE, data, facts and technologies:

We are a science-based, data-driven organization, and base our decision making on the best facts and analysis available. 

The importance of culture, and creating a best place to work:

We believe that the best organizations have the best leaders, and are focused on excellence, agility, collaboration, communication, respect, innovation and performance across the organization.


Celebrating our unique differences and diversities builds considerable advantage. 


We are focused on the betterment of humanity, and as such we do not believe in keeping great ideas to ourselves:

Unless it negatively impacts our organization, Humanity We shares our intellectual property, innovations, systems and platforms to help others advance.


We are highly collaborative at our core, and work hard to be a good partner with others, while strongly respecting their own unique skills and capabilities. We believe we are all better working together.

We We are a

non-judgmental, love-centered, faith-based organization.

...and encourage belief in a higher power. But distinctly, we welcome all faiths to work together without biases, prejudices or stigmas.


We know we do not have all the answers, so do not judge or discriminate against any person or faith, or lack thereof, but acknowledge we are all on our own unique journey, global citizens together, on one planet.

We think like a brand:

Great brands such as as GoogleTeslaAppleMicrosoftAmazonCokeSamsungIBM, and many others think differently. They work within a clear vision, and place the need to innovate in their customers best interests at front and center.


They typically are great marketers, have expertly systemized the ability to create new customers and advocates, are efficient and financially savvy, tell great stories, are focused on high performance, and attract the best people. 


A brand is a perception, made up of many understandings, and owned in the minds of those whom they interact. That is what we strive to be, a great brand. with fanatical advocates. 

We strive to be great storytellers:

World class storytelling is the hub of effective fundraising and creating committed advocates. 


We strive to continue to build  best practices digital platforms in marketing, and donor outreach and engagement.


We want to share this with as many charities and cause organizations as we can. Our vehicle for this is our Humanity.One Connect, our charity marketing platform.  

Sustainability in our actions, operations and decision-making is a central tenet:

We strive to be good stewards of the earth, are committed to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible, to protect the earth's natural systems and to operate as humans alongside and in conjunction with the earth's ecosystems as protective ambassadors of our planet. 

LOVE is at our core:


We believe that loving others and yourself, and loving what you do,  is a fundamental key to living a life of purpose and happiness. We base our purpose on the  great spiritual books, alongside the 12 laws of Karma and other spiritual teachings of love and compassion for others.


We look to demonstrate love and compassion for others as most spiritual world orders also do